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What are the best international flights to book?


Main points of entry are Kilimanjaro (international airport serving Arusha), Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. If flying into Nairobi, Kenya, road and air transfers to Arusha are also possible. Please ask us for more info on the best international flights for your itinerary.


Most of our passengers arrive on KLM (to Kilimanjaro, via Amsterdam, from many points in Europe or from the United States), Ethiopian Airlines (to Kilimanjaro, via Addis Abbaba, from certain point in Europe, mainly Frankfurt).  As our itineraries open further, the airlines above do offer service to Dar Es Salem, as well as British Airways (to Dar Es Salaam from many points in Europe via London Heathrow), Oman Air (to Zanzibar via Muscat), Emirates (to Dar Es Salaam via Dubai) and Swiss Air (to Dar Es Salaam via Zurich, from many points in Europe).

Beyond these options you might book on your own online, there are many combinations and options available, and you may wish to check with online booking services or with your travel agent.  OF course, we are always willing to help with this experience as well.


Note that if booking flights online for a Kenya-Tanzania combination safari, be sure to choose the “multi-city” option, so you can check prices of flights into one airport, and out of another.


I think I will need connection flights – can you help me?


Yes, we can do so. Many of our clients have a safari beginning in Arusha, but are arriving into Dar Es Salaam, or even Nairobi. We will do everything we can to make your trip with us as seamless and stress-free as possible.  If you let us know your proposed schedule, we can advise you further.


It is cheaper for me to fly in and out of Nairobi. Can you make this work?


Yes, this can definitely work. Just note that this works for certain trips better than others.

If you are planning a classic northern circuit safari, then it is fairly simple. There are twice-daily shuttles between Nairobi and Arusha (USD 35 per person per direction, 6-7 hours driving), and private buses which can be arranged at any time (USD 350 total per direction, 5-6 hours driving).


There are also flights on Precision Air/Kenya Airways (around USD 230-270 per person), Air Kenya (around USD 240 per person) and Fly540 (around USD 160 per person). Exact price is dependent on booking class at time of booking.


If you are planning a Kenya-Tanzania combination trip, you can start your program from Nairobi, then make your way from Arusha back to Nairobi at the end of your program using one of the above mentioned transport methods.


If you need to get from Zanzibar to Nairobi at the end of your trip, flights are booked through Precision Air at around USD 350-370 per person (though can be up to around USD 400 when flights are very busy during peak season). Or, if booking through Fly540, flights can cost as little as USD 200. The flight you book depends very much on your international flight schedule.


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